One step forward - three steps backward...

I love being a PhD student working on the project about arctic subsurface gas dynamics! The project itself is interesting and I enjoyed the planning, logistics and installation of everything at my new site in Blæsedalen. However, I must admit that it is also hard (especially when you want to do everything to perfection). I found out that you can't plan your way out of everything and sometimes things goes wrong - and they will go wrong.

Last week, Martin found me crying in my office (I am easy to tears, but these ones were true and real)! Mathias, CENPERM's technician, had just left after a week-long stay helping me at the site with my oxygen equipment amongst other things. It seemed like everything had gone wrong and the absolute must frustrating thing was that I could not do anything about it (and never could have). Mathias send a package with stuff that we/he would be needing at my site, however, after several emails, calls, talks with the staff at the harbour etc., I did not manage to get the package here in time. For some reason, the package was send by ship from Aalborg in stead of plane and will arrive on the 23. October. Which means a bigger workload for me when it arrives as I have to do the installation of 64 temperatures measurements alone. I can honestly say that making electrician installation in minus 10 degrees and wind with snow is not ideal. On top of this, we found out that the data-loggers on my oxygen equipment had died and I am now one data-logger short, which means not everything is being measured at my site. We will need to get a repair or buy a new data-logger and it probably will take months before it gets here. Anyway - I really think Mathias and I did well! We did as much as possible and I feel confident that I can do the rest myself as I now know CR Basics, how to send and retrieve from the data-loggers and other "good to know stuff" that I learned from Mathias.  

PhD in Arctic Subsurface Gas Dynamics IV

I think the cup was filed up last week when Martin found me - also because I wanted to measure more frequently than possible for me. The weather is just more challenging during winter compared to summer, meaning that I can't go out and measure everyday or whenever fits me. I need 8 days to do a full round (campaign) of all my varies measurements and all these measurements must be carried out in good weather conditions. This is sort of stressful and I have to lower my frequency of measurements. However, Martin decided to go with me to Blæsedalen both Wednesday and Thursday to help. Together, we managed to measure almost everything during those two days with good weather and additionally we watered the plots which has an "icing treatment". We carried in total 30 litres of de-mineralised water to the site and on Wednesday we were not home until 20 o'clock. I am grateful and I feel so much better having all those measurements done. 

This weekend, we have had a proper weekend and it feels good!

/ B