We arrived in Kangerlussuaq to an iPad playing the soundtrack from the Danish children programme "Rasmus Klump", however it was on the spot as the lyric is about travelling around the world. In Kangerlussuaq, Martin quickly stated that he had forgotten about all the mosquitoes! Now we hope that all the bites and poison from mosquitos aquired during previous years of fieldwork are still circulating in our bodies so that we won't get itchy and have red spots all over.


From Kangerlussuaq we went with a domestic fligth to Ilulissat. Here, we stayed at Hotel Hvide Falk, which is a nice hotel with heavy winered carpets floors and tremendous amounts of old paintings of icerbergs and fiords on the walls. Our room had an ocean view with a spectacular setting of huge icebergs. These icebergs originates from the world's most ice calving glaicier, the Ilulissat Isbr√¶ or Sermeq Kujallep in Greenlandic. All the iceberg are carried northwest with the stream into Davis Strait. Leaving Ilulissat, we also sailed through these thousands of icebergs on our way to the first stop in Aasiat.


After approximately 7 hours on a ferry, we arrived at Disko Island and was picked up by the station manager. Preferably, next time we will take the fast ferry directly to Ilulissat. However, the sailing trip was beautyfulll! At Arctic Station, a delicious meal awaited us together with a gin and tonic. We fell asleep early that night.

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