Throughout the summer season, there are fieldworkers, working at the Greenland Ecosystem Monitoring programme (GEM) living at Arctic Station. Normally, one fieldworker at a time lives and works here approx. 4-6 weeks starting in May until September. They have varies jobs like measuring NDVI, active layer depth, flow in Røde Elven, taking pictures and collecting soil water, to come up with a few. You can read more about the GEM programme here: Fredrik, who is a fieldworker for GEM, has become one of our friends throughout this last month. He arrived approx.  the same time as us at the station. As there are not too many people in town friendships quickly evolve. Especially, when Fredrik turned into a true fisherman and texted Martin every night to go fishing. As many would know, Martin never says no to a fishing trip!

Fredrik talked with a Greenlandic guy about getting hold of some Greenland lumpfish roe and found that he could get as much as he wanted for free the next day. So we picked up 10 kg of lumpfish roe the next day, which we had to clean before we could eat it. The freezer in our house now contains 8 kg of lumpfish roe. Our theory is that the fishermen grew tried of cleaning and eating the lumpfish roe! 

stenbidderrogn 1

Greenland lumpfish is, like the wolffish, a weird looking fish and I am not sure whether it is beautiful or ugly?! The season for lumpfish has ended and we’re not able to catch any ourselves. Instead I found the below picture.

stenbider naturporten

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