Last Thursday, I went for a small vacation with my mom. We started by taking the DiskoLine boat to Aasiaat and got stuck there as the motor in the boat was malfunctioning. The original plan was to arrive at Ilulissat 4.5 hours after departure, however instead we arrived more than 24 hours later. TiG (This is Greenland)! Aasiaat is a fishermen town, and what more can I say except that we felt like we had seen the town twice when we finally got onto a new boat with Ilulissat as destination. 

Delays 1

A short walk from the town of Ilulissat, the wooden boardwalks to the Icefiord start and when stepping on to the trail the sound ”click, clock, click, clock” begins. This characteristic sound will follow you all the way through the tundra and wet patches filled with crowberry and bog bilberry (the ones that are blueberries look alike) growing in these moist conditions. Soon you will reach the metal sign attached to the boardwalk saying “ You are now entering the UNESCO Heritage Site of The Icefiord”. Looking up, finally you gaze into a stunning landscape with tundra, ocean and massive icebergs in huge amounts. As the cherry on top, humpback whales, blowing into the air are swimming around in front of the icebergs. To brief up - we had an amazing day and weather when we visited the Icefiord, eating our lunch by the cliffs looking inland into this endless ice ocean. 

Delays 2

Feeling small feelings… Sailing three hours north of Ilulissat, we reached the Eqi Glacier. The Eqi Glacier is one of the world’s most active calving glaciers, and we also got to see more than one piece making a big “thunder” and smashing into the ocean. It is almost impossible to capture these moments and really you just take it in… The glacier is 3.5 kilometres wide and 200 meters high in the middle and 1 kilometre away, however these measures does not match up with you mind. I felt privileged to see this and very small in this world…

Delays 3

To end a perfectly good trip away from Arctic Station, my DiskoLine boat was delayed more than 24 hours due to very windy conditons and I got recommendation at Hotel Icefiord. Thank God, I have a certificate of residence in Greenland(!) and DiskoLine pays for the hotel and food 

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