Gone fishing 1 THUMB

After the sea ice broke up, we started seeing the open sea and that it was again possible to start fishing from the coast. Last week, we sorted out all our fishing gear, cleaned it and prepared it for the coming fishing season. Birgitte also bought a new fishing rod since she broke her new fishing rod (that she received from Martin as a birthday present) last year. There are too many icebergs close to shore by the cliffs in front of our house and we cannot fish from here. All the icebergs originates from the Ice fiord in Ilulissat that really started to "produce" icebergs into Disko Bay.  Instead, we drove behind our house, passing the sledge dogs and continuing further out towards Englishman Harbour. Here is a beautiful secluded place and we fished from the ice foot. The ice foot is a few meters high so we were very careful not going to close to the edge. Birgitte caught two sculpins, the biggest weighed 0.6 kg and it was the biggest catch of the day. Martin also caught two sculpins, however they were small. Even tough we only caught four sculpins it felt so good to start fishing and coming out there!

Birgitte sculpin 2 THUMB

/ Martin & Birgitte