Last year in late August, we returned to Danmark after nearly one and a half year living in Greenland on Disko Island. We were very sad to say goodbye to our new home and return to Brønshøj and the tiny garden surrounding it. At Disko Island, we experienced so much living so isolated, side by side with nature, which we followed year round from our windows. We made new friends who we miss. It was so easy to quickly stop by Hotel Disko Island (, at that time run by our friends, to get a coffee, chat or perhaps help out with babysitting. 

The autumn in Denmark was warm when we returned. Actually that was really nice as the summer in Greenland had been wet and cold. We found ourselves in the garden amongst plants and weeds. It's no secrete that we missed having a real garden when living in Greenland, however the Brønshøj garden is definitely too small. In Greenland we had many chiliplants and we succeeded to bring some of them to Denmark alive. I'm looking forward to see how they thrive in Denmark because they were so productive in Greenland. 


Arthur Emil Hnder THUMB


One adventure end, another begins! We were two when leaving for Greenland, however returning home, we were almost three. We became parents for the first time on the 22th February to a little wish baby. We are so much in love with our son. In Denmark we also had Lyra, our bernese mountain dog, waiting for os. It was amazing to see her and to once again live with her. She was definitely making our return to Denmark easier. We are so much looking forward to new adventures with our son and Lyra in the future.

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